About OEM

EI want to make a one of a kind bag, just for me. EI want to create something with Leather Jewels.

We develop brands with a global view, using our thorough knowledge of reptile leather, with maximum originality, completely differentiated from other makers, carefully handmade one at a time by experienced craftsman, without mass production, and sold with added value. We insist on "Made in Japan" and our craftsmanship reaps the benefits of the Japanese spirit and the skills of our Japanese craftsmen. Designs that express a message as part of their story are elegant and we make rare gems that will satisfy those that enjoy fashion.

The merits of OEM with Taikoh Co

  1. We can provide abundant, stable amounts of materials.
  2. We offer an abundant variety of colors.
  3. We provide tasteful, high quality products that meet your demands via our integrated system.
  4. Groups of professionals work together in each department to guarantee quality.
  5. Our production system can easily handle small lots, multiple materials, and multiple colors.
  6. Our production system allows orders of as low as a single item for Taikoh Co. original designs.
  7. Original designs, down to details such as metal fittings and various parts, are possible.

The flow for original design and collaboration OEM projects are as follows.

We receive an inquiry from you via our homepage, phone, or fax.
A meeting is held with our representative in charge of planning and business. Materials, designs, and prices that meet your requests are proposed.
Sample manufacturing
Based on our meeting, a sample is created according to your requests, up to and including the details you specified. Producing the sample takes from approximately one month.
Final confirmation
We continue to create samples until we get your final confirmation.
After creating samples and getting your final confirmation, we enter production.