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  • Service

    T.Made In Japan
    We are a formal member of the All Japan Association of Reptiles Skin and Leather, certification no. 014. As a JRA participating company, we utilize high quality reptile materials imported into Japan via legal routes based on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The following three items (the JRA 3 point set) are proof that a handbag has been legally imported and sewn in Japan.
    (1) A gold on black label is sewn to the interior of the bag.
    (2) A russet ribbon label is located inside the bag.
    (3) A metal JRA tag is attached to the bag.
    II. A craftsman's pride - serial numbers
    We manage our merchandise by furnishing each of our products with a brand plate on the bag's interior that includes a serial number. We manage each item separately and are able to ascertain everything about them, including the name of the craftsman that made a given piece and how it was sold (excluding certain items). It's proof of the craftsman's pride and the piece's quality.We also perfect our after service care using these serial numbers.
    III. Lifetime guarantee & after service
    We provide thorough merchandise management and flawless after service care using serial numbers.
    As long as you do not lose your item, you can receive after service care almost indefinitely.
    Note: Please be aware that certain repairs may be impossible to carry out.
    Customers are responsible for all costs (parts, shipping, overhead, etc.) associated with repairs.

  • Materials & color variety

    I. Luxe materials & beautiful functionality (storage, usability, light weight, and beauty)
    We strike the perfect balance between the extravagant use of the best materials, the most supple and exquisite textures, storage you can rely on, ease of use, reduced weight using the latest technology, and a beautiful appearance. These are rare gems possessing both beauty and functionality.
    II. Color variety
    We are able to provide every possible color because our main business is tanning and dyeing high quality reptile leather. From shocking to chic, our craftsmen and artists provide unique colors and designs. You can find items in highly distinct and original colors.

  • Pearltone high grade

    Pearltone high grade
    Through a collaboration with Pearltone Co., water repelling items are now possible. We use a water and stain repelling process that will protect the natural leather of your bag from water while leaving the delicate texture of the material unharmed.
    We will treat customer's bags on request for an extra fee.
    (Processing takes approximately two weeks. Some products are unable to be treated.)

  • Meridiana S.p.A.

    Meridiana S.p.A.
    Meridiana S.p.A. is a cow leather maker founded in 1991 located in the center of the leather world, the Santa Croce quarter in Florence, Italy.
    They are a major Italian company recognized around the world as a maker specializing in stamping, with over 300 hot stamping dies for crocodile, lizard, bison, and more. Meridiana receives orders from many of Italy and Europe's high fashion brands, including Prada, Max Mara, Ferragamo, Furla, Lancel, and more.

    Meridiana Leather Jewels Galleria Cocolux
    Through our repeated experiments with original and order-made hot stamping leather as the first maker in Japan to do so, we have achieved realistic, delicate mottling patterns and a high quality, naturally tanned and dyed soft finish. Using hot stamping dies we developed matched to the size and design of the bag to stamp a pattern that imitates the luxurious leather taken from the center of a hide, we have achieved an effect that even professionals who work with exotic leather mistake for real crocodile skin.

  • Nuti Ivo S.p.A.

    Nuti Ivo S.p.A.
    Nuti Ivo S.p.A. is a highly skilled world class tannery with the largest production volume in Europe. Nuti Ivo receives orders from Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Cartier, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Lancel, Coach, Marc Jacobs, and more. Their experienced specialist, trend, and color consulting staff consult with partners around the globe. Nuti Ivo is an established tanner recognized throughout the globe that has been chosen by the world's famous brands.
    Nuti Ivo S.p.A. Leather Jewels Galleria Cocolux
    イタリアフィレンツエの老舗タンナー「NUTI IVO We engaged in a dream collaboration with Nuvi Ivo S.p.A., an established tanner from Florence, Italy. The collobaration began when we displayed at the Mipel exhibition held in Milan in March of 2009 and Leather Jewels became a big topic of conversation in Italy. After the Mipel exhibition, we changed our schedule on short notice and brought a sample of real crocodile leather to Nuti Ivo S.p.A. in Florence.From start to completion, Leather Jewel's high quality original crocodile stamps were created as detailed below.
    (1) An obsessively detailed die was created based on real crocodile skin, replicating the mottled pattern, size, and minute surface features.
    (2) Italian craftsmen, experienced in working with high quality Italian cow hide, added life to the die, completing the crocodile skin pattern.
    (3) Experienced Italian craftsman diligently dyed the cow leather that had been stamped with the crocodile pattern, putting the essence of crocodile skin into the leather.
    So high quality that the product can be mistaken for real crocodile leather, Leather Jewel's original crocodile stamp materials were completed. We deliver these high quality Japanese bags made by experienced craftsmen to you.